Thursday, November 17, 2011

Reno Thursday!!

Hello all,

We have a beautiful, cold, sunny day today.  Better than yesterday when it snowed off and on and we had a little storm that didn't last long.

Today I have finally got my camera working and have got pictures of my next reno project.  I have had this dress for a while and it just does not fit right.  It is crepe and has a bias lining and it alway seems to pull in the wrong places so I have decided to cut it up.  As I have been looking at it on the manequin I realize the colour is a little drab and the style a little dated but it has beautiful beading  and a nice neckline so I cannot get rid of it.
I have decided to try and make a skirt and hopefully a top out of it.  Because I am not so tall I think it will be possible.  The dress was too long anyway but I couldn't hem it because of the beading.  If I cut it to the length I need for a skirt and add an elastic waist I think there will be enough fabric left to make the top long enough.  Here's hoping.


I was thinking I would wear them separately and I am unsure of what colours to wear with the two pieces to brighten them up a bit.    If anyone has any ideas of what to wear with this colour  I would love to hear from you.

I have listed a couple of new items in my shop this week.  I have a hand monogramed pet ornament and a baby's first christmas rattle ornament - as always I love to get custom orders.

Wish me luck on the dress reno - I will have some pictures next week wether it works out or not!! 

Have a great day!


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