Monday, March 16, 2015

Work in Progress!!

2015 will be the year of the finished projects.  I have been knitting a lot lately and am trying to finish some started projects.
I started these socks for  Christmas 2013 for my nephew and they are finally finished.

This is a project I started this weekend and I want it to be done for Wednesday when our knitting group meets.  This is a little raglan sleeve baby jacket with a hood for a little boy.

 I don't know why it is doing this but photo is right side up - it just turns sideways when I upload it.
I think you can get the idea - just turn your head sideways. The bit on the needles on the side are the sleeves I just started. I will post a photo of the finished jacket before I take it to the knitting shop on Wednesday.

When this is done I can go on and start to finish another project that has already been started -probably the lace shawl that I started last summer.  I would post a photo of my progress but it just looks like a large hat when it is on the round needles. 

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