Monday, June 23, 2014

Design wall monday - summer projects

The last 6 months have been rather crazy with school (yes I decided to take another course at Algoma), National engineering week, our guild Quilt show, exams, easter,  a funeral and a graduation.
So to relax I thought I would get involved in a Knit-a-long(KAL) at our local wool shop.  It is a lace shawl and it is quite a challenge. It has been ripped out a couple of times and then I changed yarns - this was supposed to be relaxing!!!!!!  And then in my ultimate wisdom decided to knit a lace tank at the same time.
I must be crazy!!!
The lace shawl is coming along quite nicely now that I have got into the rythum of the lace pattern.  It is knit from the centre and is circular.  I am a bit farther along than this photo and onto round needles so it kind of looks like a hat right now.  The bottom photo is the tank.  I decided to knit it in the round so there would be no side seams.  I had a little trouble with the pattern but I am on track with this one as well. 
Oh well it keeps me off the streets!

have a nice day


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  1. Mind-boggling! You are doing two projects at once... Both sound like they will be very pretty. I admire your ability to knit; I never learned. I've been taught a few times, but have not had enough one-on-one help to get me past the bumps. It will be fun to see the finishes of your two projects.