Sunday, September 1, 2013

London Calling!!

Just arrived in London UK.
We are here on a "working" vacation.  My family has archive (national archive and the royal geological society) work to do and I will be checking out quilt and bead shops as well as the London textile museum, royal school of needlework at Hampton Court Palace and the Victoria and Albert Museum, Portabello market and the garment district as well as a trip to Wiltshire to see family and Stonehenge (finally) and the I will be shopping and  writing reviews and posting photos.
Hope everyone enjoys them.
Time for bed now (10:14 England time) we have been up for more than 24hours wearing the same cloths so a good night sleep will really help.
Off bright and early to the Victoria and Albert Museum tomorrow to check out the fashion,  tapestry, embroidery and textiles galleries.  Will be posting photos tomorrow. As always there will be photos of floors, doors and ceilings.  If you don't look up and down you will miss a lot of design ideas.


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